Institutional Effectiveness & Institutional Research

Institutional Effectiveness and Institutional Research are two separate departments. Institutional Research is part of the ITS department.

Institutional Effectiveness
Beth Higdon
Executive Director for Planning and Effectiveness
Shaw Center, Room 133 (enter via office suite 131)     
• HLC Accreditation, Quality Initiative/Improvement
• State Authorizations:

     o Iowa/ICCHPSE
     o Missouri/MDHE
     o Kansas/KBOR
     o NC-SARA
     o ICSAC

• Assessment and Health Checks (formerly Program Review)
• New Program Implementation Process (NPIP)
• GU Comprehensive Policy Manual
• Strategic Planning

Institutional Research
Stephanie Shields  
Institutional Research and Reporting Coordinator
Briggs Hall, Room 14 (garden level)
  • University Surveys and Reports (IPEDS, Common Data Set, U.S. News & World Report, College Board, etc.)
  • Data Requests & Data Checks
  • GU Fact Book
  • NC-SARA Reporting
  • Document Retention (Archives for Surveys and Reports, State and Regional Accreditations/Authorizations)
  • Qualtrics

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Feasibility/New Program Implementation

Contact Beth Higdon for the current versions of the NPIP & Feasibility Forms.

This Handbook is for reference only - it is being updated at this time.

The New Program Implementation Handbook approved 2/5/2019, including the policy which is embedded in the Handbook as Appendix A. Formerly known as the NPIP Form. Managed by Beth and the Graceland Innovation Committee.

(.pdf, 626K)

Closing the Loop - Fall Faculty Conference 2020

Assessment and Strategic Planning handouts

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GU Fact Book


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Program Review & Assessment

The Program Review & Assessment Team Site includes university wide documents for:

  • Program Review
  • Assessment
  • Academic Program Data Snapshots
  • Handbooks, Guides, and Templates

Use your O365/email login information to access. If you have trouble accessing the site, contact Stephanie Shields at ext. 5119.

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Academic Program Data Snapshots

The date in the file name is the date the report was ran.


Fall 2022 is in process of being prepared.

Strategic Planning 2021

New Version of Graceland Operations Task Force (NVOTF)

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Quick Facts about GU

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This link will take you to the About Us page with several facts about GU. To see more detailed information refer to the GU Fact Book.


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Data shown on these pages are required by law and are publicly available under the GU Catalog as well.

Shared Governance Task Force Members:

  • Pat Draves, President
  • Kay Mussell, Board Member
  • Jill Rhea, VPAA
  • Barb Voshall, Faculty
  • Mike Wiley, Board Member
  • Stephanie Shields, Support Person