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Spring Semester Printing

Using the student tech fee to cover student printing is meeting its goals. The goals were to simplify the printing process by paying for the large majority of students’ printing without allowing unlimited printing (which has been abused by a handful of people in the past).

In Spring 2018  

  • Students printed 102,037 pages.
  • 8,689 pages were color (8.5%).
  • The student tech fee covered $6,749.72 of student printing.
  • 96.2% of students printed under $20 which means they never had to pay for printing.
  • The total charge for student printing was $7,020.02
  • That means that the 3.8% of students who did have to pay for printing paid a total of $270.30. That 3.8% is 36 students.

 The chart below shows the number of students in each dollar range of printing. I've highlighted the ones who had 100% of their printing paid for by the tech fee. 

Graph showing 92.6% of students covered

Starting June 1, printing will go up from .06 per page to .07 per page. That’s a 14% increase. There’s no change in color printing.

The amount of printing the student tech fee will cover is will go up from $20 to $25. That’s a 20% increase so it more than covers the increase in price.  

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