30 days before your first class starts each semester, your print account will get topped off to $25. That’s enough to cover more than twice as much printing as the average student before you have to add money to your print account.

As you print, this amount will slowly count down. Once you reach $0, you will not be able to print until adding funds to your printing account at PaperCut Login for Graceland University

Once on this page you will go to "Add Credit".

You can use this money for printers all over campus including the ones in the residence hall lounges. It cannot be used for printing done at the Creative Media Center.

Learn know how to print from your own computer using Web Print at https://my.graceland.edu/ICS/Resources/Print_from_Anywhere.jnz

Card Readers

Logging into printers has never been simpler. You'll need to log in to make copies or release print jobs sent to the "any" printers. In public areas just wave your ID card past the card reader just like you do to unlock some doors. You can also use the mobile app mentioned here. Forgot your card and phone? No problem, just log in with your network username and password which is the same as My Graceland.

Card readers on the smaller HP Printers are clearly visible right next to the touch screen. 

Card readers on the larger Bizhubs are hidden inside the front of the case behind the signal & card sticker. 

The Bizhub in the Helene Graphics Lab has the card reader on the side.


Regular Printing

  • Each black and white page is 7 cents.
  • Each color page is 16 cents.

 11X17 paper is always counted if it were 2 sheets. 



How To