"Any" Printer

In the labs and in Web Print, there will be three new printers called any_bizhub, any_hp and any_color

If you print to "any_bizhub" or "any_hp" you then walk up to a printer of the type you chose, log in, release the document and it will print. 

If you print to "any_color" you then walk up to any of the campus color printers, log in, release the document and it will print.

"Any_bizhub" or "any_hp" will always print in black and white and charge you the black and white rate. "Any_color" will always charge you the higher color rate.

Web Print will allow you to print to "any_bizhub", "any_hp", or "any_color." But as soon as you do, are given the option to immediately release it to the printer of your choice. 


Click here for more info about Web Print.




Bizhub Ap


The largest of the new printers coming to Graceland are Bizhubs. There's iOS and Android aps for working with them. There are Bizhub devices in Newcom, Library, Zimmermann and Helene intended for student use. Almost all the printers on the Independence campus are Bizhubs. 


Get the ap here: http://www.biz.konicaminolta.com/solutions/remote_access/index.html 


Card Readers

Logging into printers has never been simpler. You'll need to log in to make copies or release print jobs sent to the "any" printers. In public areas just wave your ID card past the card reader just like you do to unlock some doors. You can also use the mobile ap mentioned above. Forgot your card and phone? No problem, just log in with your network username and password which is the same as My Graceland.