What is Marco UCaaS?

Our phone system has the very odd name of Marco UCaaS. UCaaS stands for Unified Communication as a Service. "Unified Communication" means it's more than just a phone system. It is voice calls, chat and collaboration tools. It also includes "presence" meaning the ability to see if someone is available. "As a service" means we're hosted in the cloud and pay monthly for a service without owning the equipment. 

Marco UCaas is built on Mitel tools. We have Mitel phones and services. For example we have "MiCollab" (kind of a mix of Mitel and My) which is a Mitel product. Marco provides all our support. They're the same company we use to lease our printers. 

Here's a quick 2 minute video on Marco UCaaS. 

What is MiCollab?

Everyone with a Marco phone license (if you have a phone on your desk or make calls from your Graceland number from your cellphone, you have a license) can use MiCollab, Mitel Collaboration tool. This 8 minute video walks you though all the things you can do in MiCollab. (Note that some features including using a mobile app and the ability to make calls from your Windows or Apple computer come only with a more expensive optional license.)

NOTE: Only people paying for the PLUS licenses can use MiCollab on their smart phones. 

Mitel 6920 phones

This video is from Mitel, and is not specific to our Marco service, but it talks about our how to use the Mitel 6920 phones. It is 33 minutes long.