Having to get your password reset more than once? READ THIS FOR THE FIX

If you have any device or service that pulls email from your Graceland provided email account, you need to change your password on that device or service whenever you change your Graceland email password. If a device or service continues to use your old Graceland email password, it will fairly quickly lock your Graceland email account!


This includes devices like a phones and tablets and service like Gmail or Yahoo combining all your email into one place.


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Instructions on how to change your passwords are going to vary from device to device, but they’ll be something like this:
iPhone & iOS (This is an iPod Touch)


Android (This is a Samsung)


How do I know what to reset?

Once you can get into OWA, you can find out the list of mobile devices that are connected to your account. Click on Options in the top right corner and then select Mobile Devices from the list on the left.
You may also have other services (like Gmail) that check your account but are not mobile devices and so would not appear on the list.