How can I tell the difference between scams and real email?

Graceland will send you emails warning you when your password will expire. Scammers will also send you emails trying to trick you into giving them your password. How can you tell the scams messages from the real warnings?
Be wary of links in email
If you are ever sent a link to click on to change your password, don't click on it. Go to the site you know you trust by typing it directly into the address line of your web browser. Then you know you got where you intended.
Check the address and the domain
Does the web address show the address you expected? If not, don't change your password. You'll see some convincing fake web pages and sometimes even convincing fake addresses. Check the domain in the address. The domain is the second and third part of the web address. It says who controls the website.
All these addresses are examples of ones on the domain.
Be wary of look-a-likes: might look like Amazon, but it's not on the domain. However would be.
Check your gut
There are some very good fakes out there that use the right images, names and phone numbers. But most of the time fakes stand out. Most don't mention Graceland or InfoCentral for example. But some will, so don't go on your gut alone.
Have doubts? Ask InfoCentral. Forward the email to, call 641-784-5167 between 8am and 5pm Central time, Monday through Friday.