Good news, things are improving with the wireless. Please help us make it better.


1)      Please be sure that you are connecting to GracelandPublicA in the residence halls (Walker, Tess, Gunsolley, Graybill). That’s a separate network from GracelandPublic on the rest of the campus including the apartments. That’s really important. You’ll never get connected if you’re trying to get to the wrong network. I’ve set my devices to automatically connect to both.

2)      We’ve doubled the number of devices that can connect to the internet on our public network at one time to 3760. I that resolves the issue with not having enough IP addresses. We’ve been doing this one group at a time and it is significantly better today that it was over the weekend.

3)      If you have an access point in your room and you see the light flash, please contact InfoCentral. The lights should be steady orange or green. We’re finding some wiring issues. Just send a quick email or text saying your AP’s light is flashing. Be sure to list your building and room number (North Tess 102, for example) and your cell phone so we can arrange a time to look into the problem.


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