Summer of 2019 Graceland moved employees 2-Step Verification for Office 365.

Starting Fall of 2019 Graceland is moving all personal "Sting" accounts to 2-Step Verification for Office 365 (this includes your email) for employees, students, and alumni.

In late September of 2019 Graceland experienced a sharp inscrease in the number of compromised Sting accounts. In Sping of 2019 Graceland was the target of multiple successful attacks against Employee accounts. We will be implementing more security options for your Office 365 accounts to help prevent unauthorized access. One of those options will be 2-Step Verification.

How it will work?
When you log into Office 365 (through the Web, Computer, or Phone) you'll put in your username and password like normal. You will then be prompted for a second verification. That will be one of the following: a phone call, a text message, a confirmation press on a mobile device, or a random 6 digit code you'll enter from an authenticator app. The videos below give you an overview of how each of these options work. They are just around a minute each, so feel free to watch them all. You'll get to choose which of these you want available to use when you set up your 2-step verification and can change them.

Ready to set it up?
Head on over to our 2-step verification guide.

Video examples of your options

Here are video overviews of your four different options for 2-step verification. You will need to pick at least one during your setup. You don't have to do them all, but you can pick more than one. Whichever you pick first will be your initial default option. You can set up additional phones for your text and call options later. See "How to set up additional verification options" to change or add options, or change your default.

If you pick one of the two app options you will be required to choose at least one additional option as a backup in case you lose your device. You will also need an Authenticator App. See "Getting an Authenticator App" for information
Option 1: Text Message
Option 2: Phone Call
Option 3: App Code
Option 4: App Confirmation