Microsoft is requiring all Graceland accounts to authenticate using the Microsoft Authenticator App, replacing 2-step verification using a code sent by text message. 

Instructions on how to register your account with the Microsoft Authenticator App can be found below.

Authenticator App Instructions.pdf

If you have any questions, please contact Tech Support at 641-784-5400,, or by visiting us on the garden level of Briggs, room 3.

Please note: 2-step verification uses a more secure method of connecting your mobile device to your account. Many apps for email do not yet support it. You will need to either use an app that supports 2-step verification, or use an app password if it doesn't. Information on App Passwords is in the next section.

List of apps supporting 2-step verification
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For apps that do not support 2-step verification (such as GMail or iOS 10 and before) you won't use your password when asked for it. Instead you'll type in a special app password that you have to first create. Look at the next section of this guide on how to get an app password

An App Password is a special password you create that allows apps that can't use two-step verification to access your account. It takes just a few minutes to do.

To get an App Password, follow Microsoft's Guide. Skip the first section, and start at the next section titled "To Create another app password". When you create the password, give it a meaningful name in case you ever need to delete it (such as if you lose your device).

For MiCollab: you'll need to paste the app password into the Exchange Password when asked for it

For Mobile Devices: at step 7, instead of copying the password to your clipboard you will need to type it in to your app when it asks for your password.

Important! App passwords bypass two-step verification and should be used rarely and with great caution. Do not ever write down, store, or share this password. Always create a new password when needed and delete unneeded ones at the same time.

Secure your device! If you are connecting your device to Office 365 or using your cell phone number to receive codes you will want to have your device secured.

Your device should have a lock screen that is more than just a swipe, pin, or pattern to unlock. Use a password or biometric (fingerprint/face recognition) to secure your device. Don't share your device with others. If you do, such as with a spouse or child, treat it like a shared/public computer. Don't access Office 365 through an app but instead log in and out of the web.

Remember, your Office 365 account is yours for use with Graceland and come with additional security requirements by policy, don't let others have access to it!


Microsoft will soon be requiring all Graceland users to register their Microsoft email accounts with the Microsoft Authenticator App. This will be the primary method for multi-factor authentication. The date this will become mandatory for all Graceland Users is unclear. However, registering your account early will prevent any disruptions in accessing your email accounts.

(.pdf, 2918K)

If you are using an app to access your Office 365 account and it keeps asking you for your password it is usually because that app doesn't support 2-step verification. You'll need to either change apps, or use an app password. See more information in the "Setting up Office on your Mobile Device" section of the 2-step verification guide. جواهرgoogle play store apk tiktok video downloader Android Auto google play services apk Google Services Framework متجر بلاي متجر بلاي متجر بلاي متجر بلاي ببجي كورية ببجي الكورية  تنزيل واتساب  تنزيل ببجي

If it's an iOS device, try removing your account and re-adding it first. Apple's mail app needs to reconnect. If that doesn't work, your version of iOS may not support 2-step verification with the mail app. نظام نور

In short it makes your account safer. 2-step verification largely eliminates spoofing and phishing as viable ways for other people to get into your account. By turning it on Graceland will be much less susceptible to data loss. We are also turning off POP3 and IMAP access to your email accounts as they are older less secure methods of accessing email that ignore 2-step verification requirements. You likely are using either of those. تحميل واتساب
Currently, when you log into your Office 365 account -- such as through Outlook or a web browser -- you are required to provide just your username (email address) and your password. With 2-step verification, you will provide a confirmation that you are logging in. That confirmation will come from a phone call, a text message, or an authentication app on a mobile device.
Yes. You will need to have a way for Office 365 to verify your identity separately from the machine you are logging in on. You will be able to set up multiple ways to confirm your log in in case you cannot use one of them. You can set up your office phone and two additional phones. You can also set up an authentication app on one or more mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet. يلا شوت
No. You will be required to confirm your log in whenever you first log in on a device, after you log out of your account, or every three months or so to re-verify your access on that device. Because there are multiple ways to access information in Office 365 you may have to answer multiple MFA prompts, especially on the first day. If you only ever access your Office 365 account on a single device you will rarely have to provide an MFA confirmation. تنزيل يوتيوب

No. The goal of 2-step verification is to make it highly improbable for someone to pretend to be you not to make it impossible. It makes it hard enough that it is unlikely you will be breached. However, it is theoretically possible for someone to get access to one of your additional verification, such as by stealing a phone. Security researches have already proven that text messages can be intercepted or phones hijacked. However, 2-step verification by its nature is more secure than just a password. play store installplay store descargar

Yes. Many other services, such as Amazon or Facebook also support 2-step verification, also known as 2-factor and multi-factor authentication. To find out if one of your other services uses it, and to get links to help set it up, go to the publicly maintained list at and search for the website or provider of the service you want to set up. It will list the types of factors that the provider supports (if any). If you see a check under "Software Token" they likely support an authenticator app just like Office 365 does (some companies have their own proprietary apps). تنزيل متجر play