You should use the wireless network name (SSID) "Graceland PublicA" while in the residence halls, apartments and the whole north side of the campus. The south end of campus has the older network and you'll need to use "Graceland Public" or "GU Public-Lamoni." You'll want to set your mobile devices to automatically connect to either of these networks. Once you do, it will work anywhere.  

The "A" is for Aruba. Aruba Networks is the brand of access point we put in the rooms and lounges. They specialize in high coverage without interference but require a separate SSID. 


Graceland has in-room access points in every other room of Graybill, Gunsolley, Tess and Walker. If you are in a room with an access point there are a few things you should know.

First off, be kind to your access point! It provides Wi-Fi access not only for you and your roommate but also for people on the floors above or below you.


If you have a device you want to connect with a wired Ethernet connection, there are three ports on the bottom of the access point. These are all network ports, phones won't work here. The left one and middle one share a connection with the wireless signal while the right most port has its own connection. If you only have one thing to plug in, you'll get the best results from the right most port.  



If you are interested in technical details, here is a link to information from the vendor: You most likely want to know that they are 5-GHz and 2.4-GHz 802.11n.


What the Status Light Means:






Power is off. If other power is on, call TechSupport (641-784-5400) with your room number.



Error! If it's been red for more than 10 minutes call TechSupport (641-784-5400) with your room number.


Green Flashing

If we're looking for a specific access point we can make it blink. Ignore this.


Green Steady

Good to go! 1GB connection made.


Amber (orange) Flashing

AP can't connect. If it's like this for more than 10 minutes, call TechSupport (641-784-5400) with your room number.


Amber (orange) Steady

You are working but only have a 150Mbps connection made. Call TechSupport (641-784-5400) with your room number. This isn't horrible, but it shows us something that needs to be fixed. Once we know about it, just ignore it. 



This is an "amber" light. It is orange to me! It's much more likely that your access has a steady orange light than a steady red one.


Hello! I'm your in-room access point. Follow me on Facebook at for up-to-date info about Graceland's technology changes.

From Aruba

Information from the Aruba Networks, the vendor that makes the access points.

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Where is the Wireless?

Places to find more information about Wi-Fi at Graceland's Lamoni campus.

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You won’t be able to connect Wii consoles wirelessly in the residence halls. Wiis use a very faint signal and adjusting the access points to hear them would also create a large amount of interference from other APs. Wii U consoles work great with Wii U games but you also can’t emulate the older Wii games. If you want to hook your Wii up through a wired connection you can find USB adaptors like this one