Call us: (641) 784-5167 or Toll Free (866) 472-2352 option 5
Text us: (803) 450-4357
To automatically create a ticket in our InfoCentral Help Desk system email 
Stop by and see us in the FMS Library.

Need to Fax?

InfoCentral can help with both incoming and outgoing faxes right in our office. Stop in and ask!

Notary Public

Myrna McLain has her Notary Public license and will notarize your documents free of charge. Bring your unsigned documents to InfoCentral M-F 8-5 as well as two forms of identification. Myrna will witness you signing your documents and affix an official notary stamp.

Monday through Friday
8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time
Call Us!
Myrna McLain can help with all sorts of issues on courses, bills, grades, etc. Call Myrna at (641) 784-5067.
Sam Clegg  can help with technical issues of all kinds. Call Sam at (641) 784-5069.
InfoCentral Tech Squad can help with AV equipment, and other technical issues. Call the InfoCentral Tech Squad at (641) 784-5400.

Here are just a few real examples of questions we can help with.

I'm locked out of my email! Can you reset my password?
Can I get quarters for this jar of change?
Can you cash this check?
Do you have a local phone book?
The residence hall's bathroom is a mess. Can you help me?
How can I contact a mechanic in town? 
Can I get to my coursework from my phone?
How do I appeal a policy?
How do I check my Gbucks account online?
How do I declare a major?
My Graceland shows my grade wrong!
How do I get a tutor?
I am sick, where is the nurse?
I don't get along with my roommate.  Can you help me?
I have the flu, what should I do?
I just ran off the road and am stuck in the ditch.  Can you get me towed out?
I locked my keys in my car, and it is running.  Can you get me help right away?
I lost my wallet.  Has anyone turned one in?
The cable TV in my room is out.
The wireless connection isn't working right in Shaw.
I need a suit for an interview.  Can you help me to borrow one from someone?
I need a transcript.
I need a winter coat and did not bring one from home.  Can you help me?
I need personal counseling, where do I go?
I need to fill out workstudy forms.
I need to send a fax!
I want to pay my bill.
Is there a place I do work on a computer at 3 in the morning?
My mom got a Graceland parking ticket.  Can you make it go away?
My printer is on fire!
My roommate is smoking pot in our room.  What should I do?
My roommate is throwing up after eating, can we get help?
My toilet won't flush.  Who do I call?
The vending machine stole my money.  Who can refund my money?
The wireless network in my room isn't working.
There is a bunch of kittens under my car.  What should I do?  Can I keep them?
How can I contact President Draves?
Where can I get help writing my papers?
Where can I park when I visit campus?
Where can I see my grades?
Where can I send a bank wire?
Where is North Hall?
Who can help me write a resume?
We're locked out of our classroom, can you find someone to unlock it?
Why can't I print my document?
A Graceland owned printer needs paper!
No question is too big or too small. We won't always know the answers, but we'll find out or point you to the right place.


Sam Clegg, and Myrna McLain

What is InfoCentral?

This centralized help center provides one-stop information services for students, employees and visitors.

InfoCentral provides assistance on behalf of Graceland University's Registrar, Student Financial Services, and CAP Center Offices.  We also provide technical assistance for our Lamoni and Independence campuses and the Switchboard for Graceland University.

Where is InfoCentral Located?

InfoCentral is located in the Frederick Madison Smith Library at the reference desk.

What is the InfoCentral Tech Squad?

InfoCentral Tech Squad is the student work force hired to solve your technology needs in the classroom or office. Call them directly at 641-784-5400 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central time.