Grab a Meal To Go with our Sack Lunch Program!

Looking for a cost effective way to feed your team, class or group while you travel??  Utilizing the Sodexo Sack Lunch Program will help minimize additional costs to your budget or pocket.  Our sack lunch program is available to help coaches, professors, and leaders utilize the Meal Plan Credit to help cover the cost of traveling meals.
How to place an order!
You can now order on our Catering Website. Please use the link and search our Flavours Menu under boxed lunches. You will need to separately email the list of names and ID numbers to Once you have done that, we will use meal exchange for those students or staff who have it. If a student or staff does not have meal exchange available, we will bill using the budget number you provided with your order.
  1. time that you will be picking them up from the Commons
  2. how many lunches are needed
  3. how you want them packed (Individually or in Bulk.  Most prefer individually)
  4. any dietary restrictions (Food allergies or Vegetarian Requests) 
  5. menu selections you want
  6. a list of all the names and ID numbers of the students wishing to use meal exchange
Please note:  Sodexo does not provide coolers for sack lunches.  By ordering sack lunches you are assuming responsibility to keep them properly cooled at 40°F or below & that you plan to consume them within 4 hours of pick up. 

Menu Options

Breakfast Options:

Sack Breakfast

1 Plain Bagel with Cream Cheese

1 Piece of Whole Fruit

2 Hard Boiled Eggs

1 Yogurt Vanilla or Strawberry

1-16.9oz Bottled Water

Napkins & Knife


Lunch/Dinner Boxed Options:

Sack Lunch/Brunch/Dinner

Each Sack Lunch/Brunch/Dinner contains the following:

1 Meat & Cheese Sandwich (Choose Turkey or Ham)

1 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

1 Small Bag Chips

1 Piece of Whole Fruit

2 Cookies or 1 Brownie

1-16.9oz Bottled Water

Napkins, Knife, Condiments

Vegetarians can opt for another peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You cannot get 2 meat and cheese sandwiches in 1 sack meal. Those with a peanut allergy will be given another option in place of the peanut butter sandwich in their lunch. That option will be decided by Sodexo. All allergies/special dietary requests must be identified at the time the order is placed.

 Late fees will apply if ordered with less than 5 business days notice.

 Additional Items can be added or subbed for an additional charge at the cost of the person ordering.



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Need to set up a Pre-Game Meal??

Pre-Game Meal menus will coincide with the regularly scheduled menu according to the Pre-Games scheduled time. Breakfast menu will be used for pre-game meals scheduled up to 10:30am, Lunch menu will be used for pre-game meals scheduled between 10:31am - 3:30pm, Dinner menu will be used for meals scheduled after 3:31pm. Additional labor charges may apply. See Meal Plan Credit Policy for additional information.  

 Simply contact the Sodexo Catering Department at 641-784-5152 or 
Below is a list of the information that they will need to process your request. 

  1. date meal is needed
  2. time meal is needed
  3. number of players eating
  4. budget number and department to charge any meals to not covered by the students board plan
  5. contact person
Key things to remember about Pre-Game Meals:
  • students must bring their ID cards to use their meal plan to cover the cost of their meal.
  • it is a good idea to contact food service as far in advance as possible when you know you will need a pre-game meal.
  • pre-game Meals that do not coincide with regular business hours will be subject to additional charges. 
  • all Pre-Game Meals should be set up a minimum of 7 days in advance. 
  • any Pre- Game Meal set up with less than 7 days notice will be subject to additional fees and availability.