Mission Statement

"With a skilled, professional and caring staff, Graceland University Facility Services provides a clean, safe and comfortable environment that facilitates all aspects of student learning."


  Facility Services provides:  
  • Contract Management for construction and maintenance projects
  • Project estimation for construction and maintenance projects
  • Project management for construction and maintenance projects
  • University facilities and services budget planning and management
  • Facility Services Office
  • Campus Building Maintenance
  • Campus Grounds Maintenance
  • Campus Housekeeping services
  • Campus Mechanical Maintenance
  • Campus After-hours Support
  • Campus Store Room services
  • Building Schedules
  • Service Requests
  • Work Priority Rating System

To report service needs, call 641-784-5191

Facility Services Office

Supports all administrative functions for facility services. Receives and routes service requests to the appropriate personnel for action.
Call 641-784-5191 for assistance.
Greg Sutherland - Interim Director
Brenda Toney - Office Manager
Student Workers

Building Maintenance

Provides carpentry, cabinetry, hardware (locks, keys, closers, hinges, etc.), painting, signage, roof, window, and wall services in both maintenance and construction modes.
Call 641-784-5191 for assistance.
Dennis Core - Supervisor
Brad Walderbach - Master Building Maintenance
Nathan Craig - Building Maintenance
Dwight Stevens - Building Maintenance
Mike Avitt - summer 2018 painting
Jacklyn Berryhill - summer 2018 painting
Patricia Pinegar - summer 2018 painting
Larry Heltenberg - summer 2018 residence hall maintenance

Fleet and Events

Provides bleacher moving, furniture relocation, equipment, and vehicle maintenance services in all areas of the campus.

Call 641-784-5191 for assistance.


Steve Knapp - Supervisor
Brandon Eastin - Campus Maintenance
Student Workers


Provides custodial/housekeeping services for all locations on campus, establishing a clean and attractive environment to live, learn and study.
Call 641-784-5191 for assistance.
Kay Briggs - Supervisor
Scott Farnsworth - Crew Leader
Kym Mathes - Crew Leader
Shauna Allen - Housekeeper
Darryl Bess - Housekeeper
Lori Cormeny - Housekeeper
Chris Cougill - Housekeeper
Linda deHaas - Housekeeper
Kevin Gilpatrick - Housekeeper
Wes Haymaker - Housekeeper
Dawn Roach - Housekeeper
Roxie Saltzman - Housekeeper
Jeremie Taylor - Housekeeper
Shirley Thomas - Housekeeper
Student Workers

Grounds Maintenance

Provides all landscape, grounds care and snow removal services in all areas of the campus. This includes all athletic field setup, care and maintenance.
Call 641-784-5191 for assistance.
Rob Washburn - Supervisor
Tom Hogan - Grounds Maintenance
Keith Poeppe - Grounds Maintenance
Bruce Blair - Grounds Maintenance
Karin Parkes - Temporary Grounds
Luke Still - Temporary Grounds
Student Workers


Provides inter- and intra-campus mail and package delivery service, including acting as the link between the campus and various carriers such as US Postal Service, Fed-Ex and UPS, among others.
Call 641-784-5235 for assistance.
Angie Ranney - Supervisor
Student Workers

Mechanical Maintenance

Provides electrical, plumbing, boiler, heating, cooling, fire system, data wiring, and lighting services in both maintenance and construction modes.
Call 641-784-5191 for assistance.
Rolan Gilpatrick - Supervisor
Kim Moore - Master Mechanical Maintenance
TBH -  Mechanical Maintenance
Travis Briggs - Mechanical Maintenance
Matt Mamminga - Mechanical Maintenance
Raphael Coulthard - Mechanical Maintenance (preventive maintenance)

Campus Store Room

Provides purchasing, inventory service, material allocations and central receiving service for Facility Services and other campus departments.
Call 641-784-5169 for assistance.
Brad Walderbach