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Baughman Athletic Center

I have no doubt there are many questions going around about status of the "Maple Street Building," or the "Wrestling Building," or the building known by a variety of other names. Officially I believe it will be the Baughman Athletic Center. In one photo you'll notice there is now a sign on the building indicating this.


This building represents a variety of successes and failures on the part of Facilities Services. I wish to be as transparent as possible about this. There are no excuses. Commitments were made - deadlines set - and missed. And as nice as it would be to offer a guaranteed completion date, I'm not prepared to do that now. Just like happened all fall and has continued to happen all winter, as soon as we can get a crew of people assigned to work on the building, we have inclement weather or some other higher priority, and our crews are reassigned. We ARE learning from this.


I can say there has been asbestos in the building. It has been abated correctly. That was early February.


The wrestling room is basically complete. There is a raised floor designed to give some slight spring, which should add some safety with the mats down. I'm not a wrestler, but I understand this is common in wrestling floors. The wall padding is being ordered by the wrestling program in Athletics. When it comes in and is installed, we'll get some pictures up with it.


The baseball batting/pitching practice room is nearly complete. The separating wall doesn't yet have plywood on it to allow the electricians to finish their work. That won't take long for the carpenters to finish, though. It'll then be painted to match the rest of the room. There is some additional touch-up painting to do. There will also be an exit door installed at the east end of the room. Finally, the batting equipment, wall pads, netting, etc. is being ordered by the baseball program in Athletics. They'll do the bulk of the installation themselves.


At the time of this writing the locker room, office, handicap restroom, laundry room and mechanical room have all been rough framed. That includes the bathroom stalls and locker room showers. They are getting close to needing attention from plumbers and electricians, who are all very busy working on campus issues like steam pipe leaks and other heating service requests. This is where we run into the previously mentioned problem of crews getting ready to work on the project and finding themselves dealing with weather related issues.


Refer back to this blog post often. We'll continue to add photos of progress to the slideshow. Feel free to respond to me via DISCUSS below, or e-mail if you have questions, comments or concerns we should be considering.


Jim M


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