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Flags, Revisited

We recently followed a presidential proclamation to lower flags to half staff to honor the victims of the school shooting in Florida.  Tomorrow, we will lower the flags to half staff to honor the interment of Billy Graham (see the bottom of

Graceland has four flagpoles on campus on which we normally fly three American flags and one Graceland flag.  If you look out at those flagpoles right now, you will only find two flags - one American and one Graceland.

Every year we remove the flag over the athletic fields for the winter.  The cold temperatures, snow/ice and winds of winter are hard on the flags.  With no outdoor athletic activities for months through the winter, it just makes sense to save wear and tear on it, as well as to save the electricity from the flag lights not running all night.

The Library flagpole is actually broken right now.  More specifically, a pulley that is normally mounted at the very top of the flagpole has broken off and brought the chains and flag down with it.  Until we can repair it, it shall remain flagless.  That repair will either require a large truck/crane to sit next to it to lift someone up that high (which will require the ground to be good and hard, which it is not right now), or a person trained with the correct safety gear to shimmy up the pole to perform the repair.  Those kind of people are not to be found just anywhere.

For now, if you need to see a flag fluttering in the breeze, look to the Higdon Administration Building, and, before long, we will return a flag to fly over our athletic fields.  And, of course, we will repair the Library flagpole as soon as possible.

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