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Facility Services in the New Fiscal Year - Happy 1718!

Before I mention the variety of things Facility Services is involved in, let me remind everyone that as of today, the new billing plan for vehicle checkouts is in effect.  That means a car will cost $25/day + $0.30/mile.  A minivan will cost $30/day + $0.30/mile.  11 passenger vans (the 12 passenger vans have been retired from the fleet) will cost $35/day + $0.55/mile.  And, buses will cost $40/day + $0.80/mile.  Please plan your trips accordingly.

And now, for Facility Services in the new year.

As some of you may know, Facility Services is busy in all corners of the campus.  That is true all the time, and perhaps more so now.

Repairs are an ever-present necessity.  The only thing that changes in the summer is accessibility.  Mechanical, plumbing and electrical repairs can, and will, take place anywhere on campus they are needed.

Cleaning is a constant need.  The big change in the summer is a focus on deep cleaning everywhere possible.  Again, it relates to accessibility.  With students gone, all the residence hall rooms will get their annual thorough cleaning and fresh wax (or shampooed carpets, depending on which rooms in which buildings).  With faculty largely gone and classrooms not in use, those areas also see a deeper cleaning than can be done while classes are in session.  You'll also see housekeepers in hallways and outside buildings working on windows.

Spring and Summer bring rain and, of course, always growing grass.  As usual, Keith and Brandon are out mowing as much as they can.  Vacations and mower repairs are a given as much as ours are used, so there are times we'll lag a little behind.  The worst of it is most of the student workers, that normally spend all summer keeping the grass mowed on central campus, as well as string trimming, weeding and general lawn maintenance, are all tied up in the furniture moving project.  I'll elaborate on that in another post.  For now, we need a little grace and understanding that the campus is not being kept to our usual standards because of the significant demands this project is putting on our crews.

We have had a little turnover in our Facility Services staff, as well.  We had one housekeeper move to the campus crew, and another decided to move on to new adventures.  We have had a some vacancies for on-call support of our after-hours team.  And on top of it all, Carol, our stockroom supervisor of 26 years, has retired.  Those personnel adjustments have caused a little delay in making things happen the way they normally do.  But, we like to look at each one as an opportunity, so we are looking at how to improve our operations in the process of hiring new employees.

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