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The Victory Bell

I won't belabor the point, nor steal any thunder from the Communications department with photos. Let me just say that students made a request through Dave Schaal's office to have the victory bell returned to the campus. During Spring Break the vertical supports were put in the ground. And first thing this morning, Bob Kelly, Rob Washburn and Nathan Craig installed the bell on them.


Rob spent some time fabricating the stand that holds the bell and its original cross piece. The vertical stands are leftover pieces of steam pipe that weren't going to be used anywhere else. Rob was able to take some plate steel and create a very strong holder for the bell.


One of the agreements we made to install the bell is that we will not maintain the paint color. Students are free to paint it any color they wish with no penalty. But when visitors come, whether they are prospective students or Commencement/Homecoming guests, it'll be whatever color the most recent students managed to paint it.


Given that paradigm, the bell stand that was created is intended to keep the bell up high and visible, yet easy to access safely. It does require a step ladder, but the ladder can be placed very close so no one is reaching very far to access all parts of the bell as they paint it.


Enjoy the return of the victory bell!


      Jim M

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