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Homecoming 2017

I am almost reluctant to try and mention the things Facility Services did in preparation for Homecoming this year.  Not because this team does not deserve bragging, but because I will miss more than I list.


Although we want the campus always looking its best for our students, employees and any guests that happen to drop by, Homecoming is one of those times a special effort is made throughout all the grounds.  Not only were Keith and Brandon out mowing, but Rob and Tom were also mowing, trimming and edging.  Student workers assisted in this effort and we were even able to bring in Karin Parkes, Jesse Still and Clint Foster, to do some additional work in gardens and other building landscapes.  Finally, Tom lined soccer fields to ensure a worthy venue for competitions.


Because of the rain, we know a great many of our Homecoming guests stayed inside.  Anticipating that, and knowing where a number of events would be held, the housekeeping team worked extra hard to have those venues ready.


While all buildings looked good and ready to receive guests, Lori worked especially hard to make sure Gunsolley was ready for the Closson house lounge mural unveiling.  Knowing there would be older guests requiring the use of the elevator, she made sure the elevator room and back entry to the building looked good, too.  Chris spent extra time cleaning in the Fitz Center.  Shirley had the Helene Center ready for registration.  Kevin made sure the MSC was ready for so many people passing through and holding activities inside.  Shauna made sure the Shaw Center looked perfect for every event (and there were many), from President Draves' Inauguration on Friday, through several meals and multiple showings of the play.  And Kay did a great job making sure the right people were in the right place at the right time, which was a significant effort in coordination.


Of course the weather played havoc on even our backup plans.  There was so much rain Saturday morning that many areas just could not handle the volume.  Minor and major floods had to be cleaned up in the Library, Closson Center and the Commons.  Extra thanks go to the students and coaches who helped Scott in Closson Center while so many others of us were tied up in the Commons.  As well, extra thanks to Shirley and Linda who no sooner had finished helping clean up in the Commons, but went to the Library to start on the water in that basement.  But teamwork got the job done everywhere.


Homecoming would not be complete without our team of parking lot attendants and shuttle drivers.  Brenda, Kay, Brad, Dennis, Nathan, Matt, Travis, Keith, Rolan, Greg, Brandon, Dwight and Raphael all stood out in the rain to make sure Homecoming guests were directed to a parking lot with space in it.  While we could not use the grass field behind Closson Center, as we often prefer to do when the weather cooperates, we still have enough parking space around campus.


When it comes to the actual event of Homecoming, there was still a lot to do.  Guests filled up trashcans, both inside buildings and around the campus.  Rob and Tom were there to help get rid of it.  All the preparations in the world always seem to leave a few more things to do to ensure our guests have the best Homecoming experience we can give them.  Rob and Tom were there to move things to where they needed to go, set things up how they were requested, or generally fill in however they were needed.


In all, I am very proud of the work Facility Services did to support Homecoming.  A lot of people worked really hard to make it the best event it could be.  That is true of every event that comes along.  Facility Services always stands ready to offer support.


     Jim M

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