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Coliseum Sewer Repairs

At any given moment there is no greater frustration than the one right in front of you. I know I feel that way, even though it isn't really true. In the grand scheme of things, my emotional response to the situation in Ukraine and Crimea is far stronger than when my dog walks through the mud, then runs through the house with her muddy feet. And yet, at the moment she does that, it's the most important thing in the world to me.


So it's easy to understand how a person could be frustrated (or much more!) when they go out with their significant other, or family, for a lovely evening meal with plans to see the movie that night, and how one might think about saving the restroom need for the theater, only to discover the restrooms are closed. And that feeling gets so much worse when that happens week after week. We definitely get it.


It turns out there are reasons it took so long, but no excuses. The good news is we were able to get Dave Martin and his crew there on Thursday to dig up the sewer line and repair it. You'll notice in the photos the ground was hard enough they needed to jackhammer it loose to get down where their excavator could dig normally.


For those of you interested, sewer lines tend to be all gravity driven, so the pipes are installed in the ground at a slight pitch. In our case, the ground had heaved in two different locations, which caused the pipe to break. What seems to have happened was the downhill side of the run heaved up a bit, taking the pipe out of alignment which wouldn't allow anything to flow all the way through. Further, it tended to level out the pipe in those locations, which also prevented good flow. I also wouldn't be surprised if it caused the pipe to become frozen with whatever material was inside.


But it's all fixed now and I understand the restrooms were open for use this past weekend. And although I don't want anyone frustrated about anything, at least it shouldn't be because of a large soft drink during a good movie and no place to deal with the natural result.


See some pictures below of the work done on repairs.


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