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Homecoming Tent

Why is the tent still on the lawn?  Homecoming is over, isn't it?  Spec isn't until next summer, right?


Sometimes taking good care of our things means we put them away as soon as we are done with them.  We put our lawnmowers and other tools away each night so we know they will be in good shape the next time we need them.


With the same goal in mind, we leave the tent out to take care of it.  In this case it is because of the rain over the weekend.  It left the ground very wet.  It is impossible to take down a tent like that without it getting on the ground, thus making the tent wet.  That leads to mildew and mold and a shorter lifespan for it.  However, if we wait a few days and allow the ground to dry more, the tent can come down with minimal risk of trapping moisture in it while in storage.  Then it will be ready when we want to use it at the next big event.


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