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First Home Matches

The first home football game is almost here.  Facility Services does a lot of work behind the scenes to prepare for it.  This year we are trying to do even more.


  1. We straightened the fence along the road at the north side of the football field.
  2. We have replaced some of the broken windows in the Press Box.
  3. We have cleaned the Press Box.
  4. We are rerouting some of the speaker wiring that was run through an open window in the Press Box.
  5. We are painting some of the handrails in the stadium.
  6. We are cleaning the outside of the concession stand, which tends to get pretty dirty over the summer.
  7. We are trimming a tree that is overhanging the visiting bleachers.
  8. We are trying to control pests in the area.  There are a number of spider webs and other flying pests we don't want living there.


The first home soccer matches have already happened, men's and women's, but a lot of work has gone into preparing spaces for those games.


  1. The varsity pitch has brand new sod.  According to our contractor, it has to sit about 8 weeks before it can be used safely.
  2. The women's locker room is air conditioned.
  3. We are straightening and adjusting the fence along the north side of the pitch.
  4. We replaced the damaged piece of guard rail, then gave it a fresh coat of paint.
  5. Thanks to the generous contribution by a donor, and hard work by Joe Worlund, we have a new scoreboard that uses LED lights that we believe will be much easier to read.


Because that pitch can't be used for a while yet, a temporary soccer pitch was setup on the south (back) side of Closson Center.


  1. We have kept that field mowed and trimmed.
  2. We have laid out and lined the field for matches.
  3. We have setup benches and bleachers for the fans and teams.
  4. We have setup a temporary power board and conduit under the road to run power to the sideline for scorekeepers, stats and whatever other power needs exist during the games.


I hope you have seen my message about the work that went into the gym floor to prepare it for our first home volleyball and basketball matches.  Unfortunately, the first home volleyball match had to be rescheduled while we let the new floor cure.  Head coach Stew McDole was gracious enough to facilitate that.  It's a great example of Athletics working with Facility Services to ensure we can put our best foot forward every time.

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