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Steam Line Installation Update - Quad Closing!

Starting Monday, August 11, barricades will be erected on the central quad to begin preparation for the installation of the new steam line.  The south doors from Swarm Inn will be closed, only allowing west entry/exit from that vestibule.  The barricades will extend south a little over 200 feet, just beyond the sidewalk between the Ad Building and the Shaw Amphitheatre.


Throughout the week you'll see crews carefully removing bricks from the Alumni Brick Plaza, picnic tables moved, a tree removed (hopefully temporarily) and parts of various cement sidewalks and patios removed to make room for a trench for this new steam line.


The pipe is scheduled to ship from the factory on Friday, August 15.  I'm told we should expect it probably by Tuesday, August 19 or so.  The installers, Tim Hildreth Company, will be here immediately to begin work installing it.  They all understand how quickly we want to restore our campus because of the arrival of new students and the beginning of the fall semester.


Even so, they estimate that work could take from 1.5 to 2 weeks to complete.  Even after that our crews have to complete burying the pipe, and there are very specific guidelines of how to do that.  Then, we can begin putting sidewalks and patios back into place, restoring the Alumni Brick Plaza to its current state and ultimately restoring the landscaping as it is.


I don't have a timeline for that post-installation work, but even if we assume a week, you can see how we are at Friday, September 5 or later, to get the quad put back together.  We recognize that is an inconvenience to our students, their families and our employees and guests, but at this point it cannot be helped.  Rest assured that Facility Services crews will work as quickly with the high level of quality you have come to expect.


Please don't hesitate to ask by e-mail, phone or DISCUSS below if you have any questions.


Jim M

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