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Sometimes things happen when we aren't around.  It can be a simple thing, like someone locking themselves out of a place, a light is burned out or a toilet is clogged.  Or it can be a little more complicated, as it was Sunday afternoon.  Quite a thunderstorm rolled through late in the morning and caused a power failure.  At that point, it is up to the after-hours assistant to find the right people to make repairs.  Sometimes it is other Graceland Facility Services employees that have to respond, but this time it was Lamoni Municipal Utilities.  They had to reset some of their breakers downtown at the central office, but then had to explore why Graceland had partial power.  It didn't take long for them to find and repair two overhead fuses on the west side of campus which brought full power back to the campus.


Someone is always working on campus - every night and all day every day, including weekends and holidays.  It is their job to respond to any need.  They can attempt to help themselves, or they will find the right person who can help.  If you do need them, please call 641-784-5199.

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