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New Fleet Vehicles

Within the past month, we have taken delivery of 4 new fleet vehicles. The first two were Dodge Grand Caravan minivans. These 2014 models look very similar to the others, but one is navy blue and the other is a silver. They've already been used several times for various trips. To acquire these, we traded one Ford Taurus and the Toyota Prius.


The next two were Ford Fusions. They are both navy blue, as seen in the photo. These were delivered late last week, and one is already in service. These 2014 models have been redesigned and are quite sharp! To acquire these, we traded two more Ford Taurus cars.


We are looking forward to the delivery of 2 more Cruisers, which we expect in March. This brings our fleet of Cruisers to a total of 6.


Our current fleet of checkout vehicles includes the following:

  • 6 14-passenger Cruisers
  • 4 12-passenger full-size Ford vans
  • 3 11-passenger full-size Ford vans
  • 8 Dodge Grand Caravan minivans
  • 2 wrapped Ford Edges
  • 5 Ford Fusions
  • 1 Ford Five Hundred
  • 1 older Ford Taurus


If you are considering using one of the vehicles in the pool car fleet, please view any relevant information at, which includes general information and the relevant policies. Also, make sure you have stopped in with Human Resources in Patroness to have your annual license check updated for this year.


If you have any questions or just want to offer feedback, feel free to DISCUSS below.  If you are reading this via e-mail, check it out on My Graceland.  There is a photo gallery with this post.


Jim M


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