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Library Elevator

The elevator in the Library has been the justifiable subject of many conversations. Let me share some information that may help in understanding.


That elevator was manufactured by a company that no longer exists. Unfortunately, that company wasn't even bought out by anyone else, so parts aren't readily available for repairs either. Our elevator repair contractor has done their best to keep it patched together over the years, but that effort is at an end.


We've now received a proposal from our that contractor, Schumacher Elevator, to completely replace the library elevator. The complete proposal of work is nearly 9 pages long, so I won't detail it here, but suffice it to say it will bring the elevator as close as possible to current ADA standards (I'm phrasing it that way because I'm not completely up-to-date on all ADA standards and how they compare to the proposed work). The elevator will not only get new guts and new electronics, but also a new cab. It should look and feel new to anyone using it.


Unfortunately, that is not where the work will stop. Part of the ADA compliance is adding fire detection "in the lobby of each floor." Basically we had to get a proposal from Honeywell to add fire alarms at the elevator entrance on each floor that are tied to the building fire detection system. And our own building and mechanical crews will have some amount of work to create a small elevator control room inside the mechanical room in the basement of the Library. Of course we'll do what we can to minimize the impact that has on the work being done on Maple Street for the wrestling and baseball building, as well as other service requests.


The truly bad news of all this is that it will take 3 months to order parts, construct everything and get the elevator operational. That means we are hopeful to have it completely operational by the end of the school year, but not sooner.


Those of you who have needed its use, or may yet need its use this semester, you have our apologies. Of course we didn't plan this or do it on purpose, but we also recognize the value of services available in the basement and on the upper floor and not having the elevator may make using them impossible, if not extremely difficult.


Feel free to DISCUSS or e-mail me for questions or comments about the elevator.


Jim M

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