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Closson Center Gym Floor

The floor is usually something you don't pay attention to unless it is dirty, scuffed or otherwise unsatisfactory.  In Facility Services, we look at floors all the time.  We clean them.  We repair them.  And, under certain circumstances, we replace them.


Recently we worked on one of our biggest floors - the gym floor in Closson Center.  We actually worked on it in late June and early July because we know it is really hard on Athletics to have that center court blocked off as preseason athletes are arriving.  We wanted to serve those customers better, so we planned to have all the needed work done before Spec.


But, we messed up.  The wrong color paint was used and left the floor looking more patchwork than professional.  While it was too late to do anything before Spec, we also decided we couldn't leave it that way for another year.  As soon as Spec was over, we got to work fixing it.  Unfortunately, fixing it took several weeks, because it had to be right.


Yesterday, Wednesday, August 23, the final finish coats were put on it and now it must sit and cure.  That cure time varies based on weather factors, especially humidity.  This time of year and with the weather forecasted for us, the plan is to open the floor for normal use on Thursday, August 31.  We will keep you posted if that changes.


Now we need your help.  The court is netted off until it is reopened.  Please keep off the floor until it is reopened.  If an accident happens and a ball ends up out there, just leave it.  It will be retrieved when the court is reopened.  That will minimize any marring to the final finish.


Thank you for your patience while we finish this important project.

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