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Thankfulness, part 2

Thanking people is always a risky business. It's because a well-meaning gesture turns into unintentional hurt due to forgetfulness. In this case, I truly am thankful for each crew member, even if not listed by name. Every crew member in Facility Services has had some influence on me this year, directly or indirectly, and mostly directly, and I'm thankful for it.


But I left out two very important people, and ironically, they are the two I spend most time with each day. Connie offers a great deal to Facility Services. She is the hub of all communication; she is the friendly face behind the desk. She spends a tremendous amount of extra effort managing the schedule for the fleet of vehicles, juggling who gets which car or van in an attempt to make sure everyone's needs are met. Some days it's enough to make a person crazy, but Connie manages it.


And Stephanie has been a real saint. She's been the bridge for me in this department, between what I can offer and what everyone needs. She's the one who knows what is supposed to happen and when, and helps ensure it gets done. She's taken on a great deal more responsibility with me than she had under previous leadership, and she's borne it well. Further, she leads the after-hours assistants, ensuring their needs are specifically met. And I appreciate her dedication to Graceland and the success of this department.


The one other group I didn't mention is our student workers. Facility Services is blessed with a lot of student workers in almost every department. Many of them are hard workers and all of them have the opportunity to learn a great deal from their supervisors if they choose. I'm thankful we are able to provide that opportunity, to affect so many students in a positive way.


Thank you, everyone in Facility Services!

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