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Athletic Training Room

Accidents happen.  No matter our attempts to prevent them, accidents happen.  It is how we respond to them that defines us.


It was Saturday evening after a home basketball game when an unfortunate mess was discovered coming from the mechanical room inside the Athletic Training room.  It is not the kind of call anyone wants to receive, nor even make, but Facility Services is full of dedicated individuals and that night Greg Williams, Scott Farnsworth and Richard Foster proved it.


With the cause of the mess halted, and basic cleanup complete (meaning it was not spreading any further than it already had), they called it a night so we could assess the situation on Monday.  It was clear very quickly that we needed the assistance of professionals.


Rainbow International has been our "go to" people for several years for any kind of cleanup that exceeds our capabilities.  They specialize in fire, water and smoke damage, including anything related to it.  We have used them to cleanup mold and other flood-related messes in the past, and they have always handled it with professionalism and speed.  They know what can be cleaned, and they clean it.  They know what cannot be cleaned, and they discard it.  They do the kind of work most of us prefer not to.


Rainbow removed all the rubber flooring in the Athletic Training room, as well as some carpet in the entry to the football locker room, then scrubbed the floor with hot water and a solution of antimicrobials.  They cleaned it up very well.  We asked if we should have an air quality test done, but their response was negative because it had been cleaned up so quickly, they felt there was insufficient time for anything to get into the air.  No one should have any concerns about being in the training room or the surrounding area.


What next?  We could have had them clean the rubber floor tiles and put them back.  But, after consulting with Erin Lundy and Brady McKillip, we all agreed it was as good a time as any for a refresh.  We decided it is time for a paint refresh, new ceiling tiles and lights and a new floor that should be easier to keep clean in the future.  Some of that seems necessary because of the damage done, but most of it is just because it is the right thing to do right now.  Like I said, it isn't that accidents happen, it is how we respond to them.


Erin and her staff deserve praise for their willingness to be flexible and move most of their operations out of the Ackerley building while their primary space is a work zone.  The timing, it turns out, could not be better with the end of football season and limited use of the facility being normal.  Basketball athletes also deserve some praise for their flexibility in treatments in either the gym or the Ackerley building.  The refreshed facility should be worth the wait.


See the pictures below while the process was underway.  To see the final product, I invite you to poke your head into the training room and say "hi!"


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