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Facility Services Rate Increases - Prepare Your Budgets!

It's been an unfortunately long time since I last posted.  This will give a few of you a heads up that we are planning some rate increases in Facility Services.

The first rate increase is our labor charge rates.  Those are going up significantly.  They haven't changed in years and, reviewing industry best practices, it seems like we should be charging higher rates in order to cover our actual labor expenses.  This isn't meant to discourage you from asking for help when something is broken or not working quite right.  After all, you don't pay for regular maintenance items (if a toilet or a roof happens to be leaking, those are items covered by Facility Services standard practice).  When you will experience it is if you want a new wall built, office moves, or some other new project completed.

Here is a breakdown of our new rates:

  • Building and mechanical crew work - $33.00/hr.
  • Campus crew work - $28.00/hr.
  • Housekeeping - $23.00/hr.

The second has to do with vehicle checkouts.  Many of you may be familiar with our current rates based on mileage ($.50/mi for a car or minivan, $.70/mi for an 11- or 12-passenger van and $1.15/mi for a 14-passenger bus, sometimes called a cruiser).  The new plan will include a daily rate to have the vehicle, plus a minor mileage rate, less than what we currently charge.  The exact rates are not final at this time, so I'm not ready to publish them, but we are working on them and will get that information out to budget authorities as quickly as we can.

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