In the Event of an Emergency...

Get out of immediate danger and then call 911 from a secure location. 
Identify yourself, your location, situation, and what type of assistance you need (medical, fire, police).  DO NOT HANG UP UNTIL THE OPERATOR IS FINISHED.
Personal safety is our first priority; property protection is secondary. 
Please treat all alarms as if they are warning of an actual emergency situation.  Leaders are expected to be the role model in assisting others in responding to alarms.
Never re-enter a building after evacuation.
Important Local and 24 hour Contacts

641-784-8711       Lamoni Police Department (Lamoni, IA)

515-993-4095       Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center Office Line (Adel, IA)

641-446-4871       Decatur Count Hospital (Leon, IA)

641-784-3371       Community Health Centers of Southern Iowa (Lamoni, IA)

1-800-284-7821    Iowa Sexual Abuse Hotline

1-800-227-8922    STD Hotline

1-800-400-4884    24 hour Crisis Intervention & Advocacy Center (Adel, IA)

1-800-799-7233    National Domestic Violence Hotline

1-800-787-3244    TTY (Hearing Impaired) National Domestic Violence Hotline National Domestic Violence National Sexual Violence Resource Center National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

The Lamoni Campus Crisis Management Team is comprised of:
Sara Blessing
Mari Chandler
Marcia Core
Kevin Rushing (Chair)
Doug Foster
Denis Poeppe
Morgan Diaz
Shane Adams
Dave Schaal
Matt Schneider
Ashley Shotwell
Erin Lundy

Purpose:  To convene in case of a crisis on the Independence Campus.  This team will also work to develop tactical plans to respond to various emergencies.

Paul Binnicker, Chair

Lisa Libich

Jolene Lynn

Jamie Presler

Shane Adams

GUAlert is an emergency notification system that will send a text message to a cell phone or an email to an email address when there is an emergency that needs to be quickly announced to a campus.  Messages are sent only in the event of a crisis. Graceland encourages all employees, students and faculty to enter their cell phone number or email address to receive these notices.
To enter your cell phone number, correct it or see what is on file, please click on the link below:
Don't want text message alerts? We can send the alerts only to your email. To opt out of the text messages Unsubscribe from Emergency Alerts on the Choose Your Text Messages page.
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