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What You Can Do

Lamoni Community Center: More info at office: (641)784-6742
  • Year-round: Assistance cleaning the building is always appreciated. This is pretty basic stuff, sweeping, vacuuming and mopping for the most part.
  • Spring/Summer: Garden plot planting and maintenance. An opportunity to plant flowers or really anything you would like to help brighten up the city.
Lamoni Parks and Recreation: More info at office: (641)784-6742
  • Spring/Summer/Fall: We always have plenty of outdoor projects to do and the only thing we are missing is the labor to do it. This could be weed whacking, watering trees, mulching areas, helping to trim trees or just a little bit of weeding.
Lamoni Beautification Committee: Contact Marcy Biesemeyer for more info at (641)784-4679
  • Spring/Summer: Watering plants on the poles on Linden and Main Streets.

  • Spring/Summer: Weeding and planting in local pocket parks and scenic areas.
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