Graceland University Logo 
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Standard Graceland Logo

Primary Graceland Logo

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Primary Graceland Logo Blue

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Primary Graceland Logo Black

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Vertical Logos

Stacked Graceland Logo

Alternate Graceland Logo Stacked

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Note: The Graceland University logo in a vertical should only be used in situations where there is insufficient space for use of the logo at its minimum standard size (1.5 inches wide).

1895 Stand Alone Shield

Stand Alone 1895 Shield

1895 Stand Alone Shield Logo



Note: The stand alone shield is to be used primarily for merchandising purposes such as decals, key chains, t-shirts and other similar paraphernalia. Please contact the Office of Communications (CMC) to obtain the appropriate artwork.



Yellowjackets Graphic


Primary Colors

PMS 281 Swatch   CMYK: 100c 85m 5y 36k

  RGB: 0r 32g 91b

  HEX: #00275C
Pantone 7406 Swatch  CMYK: 0c 20m 100y 0k

  RGB: 241r 196g 0b

  HEX: #F1C400
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Graceland Book of Knowledge
(please note, this book was completed in 1997 -- information is not up to date beyond that year)


This Brand Guide, Version 2.0, includes visual identity standards for approved logos, colors, and fonts, and how to appropriately use them when promoting the Graceland University brand.

A full brand guide will be forthcoming with apparel, business cards and stationary, athletics, and social media guidelines.

Updated June 1, 2024.

(.pdf, 2025K)

Be sure to communicate a consistent message regarding and from Graceland University. This guide includes everything from official building names to how to use a comma.

(.pdf, 195K)