Graceland University Policy & Procedure M-2

SUBJECT:  Email Signature Policy

PURPOSE:  To provide clear guidelines surrounding the use of email signatures on Graceland employee email accounts.    

POLICY:  Employee email signatures for Graceland emails will adhere to this policy. The Vice President for Enrollment Management approves email signature templates.    

RATIONALE:  A standard, consistent and clean signature is designed to reflect a professional and consistent Graceland viewpoint when conducting business through email. Limiting extra items also helps reduce the network storage needs for the emails.    

PROCEDURE:  The Communications page in My Graceland provides approved templates for both external recipients and internal recipients. See Resources, Communications, Email Signature Policy.     

Emails to external recipients will use one of the approved external recipient templates. Additional information may be added in a logical place or similar format in the chosen template:    

  • School Code (allowed only for Financial Aid and Admissions staff)
  • School, Division, or Department name
  • Toll free phone number
  • Cell phone number (if used for business purposes)
  • Fax number
  • Graceland employee photo, which has been properly sized by the CMC Photographer      

Correctly following the above email signature template eliminates the use of: 

  • Various fonts and colored text
  • Images
  • Photos, clip art, non-Graceland logos
  • Scanned signatures
  • Personal quotes      

Department logos, web links to department pages or other websites, and content regarding recycling or confidentiality are also not allowed in the email signature.     

Emails to internal recipients may include the same signature as above for external recipients; an approved internal recipient signature template located in My Graceland, or may simply include the sender’s name and Graceland telephone number (with area code).     

For all emails, use only the default (white) background, eliminating the use of any background or wallpaper.