Sample email signatureGraceland regularly reviews its official communications to ensure consistency of our branding efforts. In an effort to improve the inclusiveness of the language that Graceland uses, the Communications department recommends that official email signatures include pronoun declarations. This helps minimize misgendering, invites others to share their own pronouns more freely, and is an important strategy towards inclusivity. Read more about personal pronouns at


Additionally, we have added linked social media icons for our five most heavily trafficked social accounts to invite more people to follow us. Below are the approved signature options.


Below are four options for signatures for each campus. Instructions on updating your signature are below. Three options include pronoun declarations, one option does not.

Graceland University Email Signatures

The following email signatures have been approved for use by Executive Council and are provided by the Graceland University Department of Communications. See attached files above.

1. Open the desired Signature file in a web browser (ex. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari) you would like to use by clicking on its name "Lamoni Default with Pronouns".    

2. Select everything on the page and copy.    

In Outlook on a PC:      

(Outlook 2010 and above) *Outlook 2016 and Surface Pro users may need to shrink graphic to half size. Please test finished signature file on several devices before use. For assistance call the CMC, Steve Edwards 5249, or Shane Adams 4703 
Go to the File > Options > Mail > Signatures    

Create a new signature by clicking “New.”    

Paste the signature you copied in step 2.    

Update your name, title and contact information - including address for Independence Campus   
(Outlook older than 2010)
Go to the Tools > Options > Signatures

Create a new signature by clicking “New.”

Paste the signature you copied in step 2.

Update your name, title and contact information - including address for Independence Campus

**Note: When pasting the text and image into the Outlook signature box, some images may not initially appear in the signature box. The image will appear later, when the signature is inserted into a new email. Go ahead and update your contact information and save the new signature, being careful not to delete any extra spaces. This may result in deleting the image.

In Outlook on a Mac:      

Go to Outlook > Preferences > Signatures    

Create a new signature by clicking the “+" sign.

Paste the signature you copied in step 2.    

Update your name, title and contact information - including address for Independence Campus    

** Note: On the Mac, you may need to change the font sizes as they may not be set correctly when you paste the signature. The bold name and title line should be 12-point. The address and contact information should be 10-point.  
In Outlook 365 in a Browser:
Go to the Settings > All Settings
Go to the 'Compose and Reply' section
Paste the signature you copied in Step 2.
Update your name, title and contact information - including your pronouns. View a video walkthrough of this process.

Please DO NOT adjust colors, fonts, the logo size, or replace the logos. If you have any questions, please contact Steve Edwards at 5249 or


Graceland University Policy & Procedure M-2

SUBJECT:  Email Signature Policy

PURPOSE:  To provide clear guidelines surrounding the use of email signatures on Graceland employee email accounts.    

POLICY:  Employee email signatures for Graceland emails will adhere to this policy. The Vice President for Enrollment Management approves email signature templates.    

RATIONALE:  A standard, consistent and clean signature is designed to reflect a professional and consistent Graceland viewpoint when conducting business through email. Limiting extra items also helps reduce the network storage needs for the emails.    

PROCEDURE:  The Communications page in My Graceland provides approved templates for both external recipients and internal recipients. See Resources, Communications, Email Signature Policy.     

Emails to external recipients will use one of the approved external recipient templates. Additional information may be added in a logical place or similar format in the chosen template:    

  • School Code (allowed only for Financial Aid and Admissions staff)
  • School, Division, or Department name
  • Toll free phone number
  • Cell phone number (if used for business purposes)
  • Fax number
  • Graceland employee photo, which has been properly sized by the CMC Photographer      

Correctly following the above email signature template eliminates the use of: 

  • Various fonts and colored text
  • Images
  • Photos, clip art, non-Graceland logos
  • Scanned signatures
  • Personal quotes      

Department logos, web links to department pages or other websites, and content regarding recycling or confidentiality are also not allowed in the email signature.     

Emails to internal recipients may include the same signature as above for external recipients; an approved internal recipient signature template located in My Graceland, or may simply include the sender’s name and Graceland telephone number (with area code).     

For all emails, use only the default (white) background, eliminating the use of any background or wallpaper.