The communications office's core mission is providing counsel and producing content that advances the priorities of the university, connects with people emotionally and creatively tells the Graceland story through a variety of communications channels.
The Communications Office is located in the lower level of the Higdon Administration Building in rooms G07 and G12.
We are responsible for the design and production of both printed and electronic media used by the university community. Services include graphic design, writing, photography, large-format printing, web and online services.
For social media and T.V. event communication, please contact Shane Adams.
For graphic design questions, please contact Steve Edwards or Tiffany Smith
For public website, photography requests and branding adherence questions, please contact Steve Edwards.
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In order to ensure the best possible quality, Design Services requests a minimum of four weeks from the time you place your design or print request to the time you would like the finished product. Note that projects that are more complex or have to be printed at an outside vendor will likely require additional time. Projects that are needed sooner may incur a $25 rush fee.

Only designated employees are permitted to speak on behalf of the university. If the media or any other entity wishes to request a statement on the university's behalf, they should contact the Office of Communications. If an employee is asked by the media to provide a statement, the employee should direct them to the Office of Communications.

Chief Marketing Officer
Shane Adams

Like other universities of similar size, Graceland University no longer has a full-time in-house Print Shop. The Creative Media Center, now Creative Services and Communications, will focus on its core mission of providing counsel and producing content that advances the priorities of the university, connects with people emotionally and creatively tells the Graceland story through a variety of communications channels.

Although the Graceland Print Shop will only function with limited capacity, it is still imperative that the branding initiative begun during the Spring of 2016 continue. Consistent voice, color, and imagery are necessary for building a sense of familiarity and comfort – the Graceland brand. Any projects that are intended for use outside the Graceland campus or for recruiting purposes, must be approved by the Communications team. If you fail to obtain the necessary approvals prior to printing, Graceland may refuse to pay the invoice. Do not depend on the print vendor for approval. It is ultimately the responsibility of the individual placing the print order to obtain the necessary approval. If in doubt, please email a copy of your file in PDF format to


Print Shop/Creative Services Print Services

Print Shop: The Print Shop operates on a part-time basis. The primary mission of the Print Shop is to support the ongoing efforts of Enrollment, Development, Alumni and the President’s Office. Depending on volume, the Print Shop will be able to output a limited number of projects for other departments, but priority will always be to the areas indicated above. If the timing is important for this secondary printing, an alternate printing option should be considered.

The Print Shop will also continue to print letterhead, business cards and will either print or arrange for printing of envelopes for the entire campus.


Black and white printing in the CMC: The Print Shop will now accept a limited amount of black and white printing. This should be limited to simple projects, ideally front and back single sheets. In order to keep costs low, all printing is done on oversized sheets and then cut to size. This means stapling sets of black and white printing such as tests is no longer possible. 

Marketing and Communications Team

The Communications team promotes Graceland with internal and external communications through planning, producing, and/or monitoring the Graceland brand. (Pictured, left to right): Shane Adams is the Chief Marketing Officer, Steve Edwards is the Senior Director of Marketing, Tiffany Smith is the Creative Director, Georgia Seagraves is the Marketing and Communications Specialist, and Ashley Shotwell (not pictured) is the Social Media Specialist.



With the cooperation and contributions of all other Graceland University departments, the mission of the Communications Team is to act as a collective location for the knowledge and sharing of information and events for the Graceland Community and the outside public. We are committed to staying up to date on all GU marketing and branding efforts, as well as offering the utmost quality in all areas of internal and external social interactions including, but not limited to, press releases, social media, print design and web design. We are happy to help you with your communication needs and those of your department at Graceland University.

Please visit to place project requests. This single form covers design, printing, and stationary (letterhead, envelopes & business cards)  as well as social media, writing and photographer requests.