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Internship Process

  1. To get help/ideas for an Internship, check with:
      1. Your Faculty Advisor
      2. Other Faculty in your area of study
      3. Family members
      4. Friends & Students Family members
  1. Student process to earn academic credit for an internship

(the following steps must happen PRIOR to the start of your internship)

  1. Set up a meeting with Faculty Advisor/Sponsor to review the internship application process
        1. Faculty Sponsor will email you the internship packet or can review the packet with you in an appointment
  1. Write up your Internship Plan using the guidelines in the internship packet
  2. Set up a meeting with Faculty Sponsor to review your Internship Plan
  3. Email your Internship Plan to your Field Sponsor (leader in the company you are doing the internship with) for their review and approval
  4. Attach Field Sponsor’s email response approving your Internship Plan to your application paperwork
  5. Complete all forms in the Internship Packet
  6. Email the completed Internship Packet forms listed below to your Faculty Sponsor
        1. A physical copy is acceptable as well, but must be written legibly
  1. Faculty Sponsor reviews & approves application forms
        1. If application forms are incomplete, Faculty Sponsor will email student for additional information
  1. Faculty Sponsor emails the approved forms to Rhonda Reed at the Registrar’s office
  2. Registrar will email student notifying them that the internship has been added to their class schedule
  3. At the end of the internship, the Faculty Sponsor & student must complete steps 4-6 in the SUMMARY of INTERNSHIP REQUIREMENTS and GUIDELINES before a final grade can be assigned



  • Internship Plan
  • Internship Field Sponsor’s email confirmation approving the Internship Plan
  • Information for Business Internship Program
  • Graceland University Student Conduct Agreement Form for Off-Campus Events
  • Summary of Internship Requirements and Guidelines


Additional Steps for International Student Internships

  1. Attain Letters from Faculty, Employer and Student (see sample letters included in this packet).
  2. Attain Intercultural Approval from Diana Jones
  3. International Office makes copy
  4. Student is Registered

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Camp Management Internship


This is an application for all majors. 

(.docx, 126K)

Final Correspondence


Here are 5 websites that you can use to search for internships.

LinkedIn is not only a great place to look for jobs but also a great place to find an internship.

There are no Handouts for this set.