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Jobs, Interviewing, & Networking
Meet & Greet Tips (.pdf, 259K)
Some of the basics on How to Meet & Greet!
Green Jobs (.pdf, 402K)
Exciting things happening in product design, research and development, manufacturing and
building, and grounds. By the year 2020 the green job industry is expected to reach 6.9 million.
Internship Timetable Checklist (.pdf, 275K)
The Internship Timetable Checklist is designed to help you organize and conduct an effective internship search.
Dress Professionally (.pdf, 35K)
Tips on how to dress professionally for the big interview.
Common Interview Questions (.doc, 32K)
Common interview questions and how to respond!
Tips for the Interview (.doc, 34K)
Interviewing Tips!!
Dress For Success: Men (.pdf, 153K)
Dress For Success: Women (.pdf, 153K)
How to Tie a Tie (.doc, 132K)
Winter Term
Career Exploration - Winter Term (.pdf, 209K)
Interested in doing Career Exploration for your Winter Term?  Fill out the attached application and return to the CAP Center!
Graduate School
Questions to Ask your Graduate School Interviewers (.pdf, 10K)
Grad School Interview Questions (.pdf, 10K)
Graduate School Helpful Resources (.pdf, 231K)
Suggested Curriculum for Pre-Law (.pdf, 25K)
Courses to consider when thinking about going to law school.
Timeline for Students Interested in an MBA Program (.pdf, 203K)
Timeline for Medical School (.pdf, 76K)
  Timeline for students interested in Medical School.
Cover Letters
Cover Letter #1 (.pdf, 37K)
Example of a cover letter
Cover Letter #2 (.pdf, 52K)
Example of a Cover Letter.
General Outline for a Cover Letter (.pdf, 76K)
Why A Cover Letter? (.pdf, 154K)
Internship Forms
Math & Science (.doc, 55K)
Visual Communication (.doc, 41K)
Human Services (.doc, 51K)
Psychology (.doc, 30K)
Social Science Division (.docx, 52K)
Business (.doc, 51K)
Health and Movement Science (.doc, 40K)
Humanities (.docx, 19K)
Athletic Training (.docx, 19K)
Especially for Teachers
Schools in the Kansas City Area (.docx, 17K)
Job Search Checklist for Teachers (.doc, 31K)
Step-by-Step Guide for Self Managed Credentials (.docx, 24K)
What Can I Do With My Major?
Agricultural Business.docx (.docx, 17K)
AT.docx (.docx, 12K)
Biology.docx (.docx, 13K)
Businessupdate.docx (.docx, 13K)
Chemistry.docx (.docx, 13K)
Communications.docx (.docx, 12K)
Corrective Exercise and Performance Enhancement (.docx, 18K)
Computer Science.docx (.docx, 13K)
Criminal Justice.docx (.docx, 13K)
Economics.docx (.docx, 13K)
Education.docx (.docx, 13K)
English.docx (.docx, 12K)
Film Theatre & Performance Studies.docx (.docx, 13K)
Health.docx (.docx, 13K)
History.docx (.docx, 13K)
Human Services.docx (.docx, 13K)
International Studies.docx (.docx, 14K)
Liberal Studies.docx (.docx, 15K)
Math.docx (.docx, 12K)
Music.docx (.docx, 13K)
Nursing.docx (.docx, 13K)
Physical Education.docx (.docx, 13K)
Psychology.docx (.docx, 13K)
Publication and Design.docx (.docx, 13K)
Recreation.docx (.docx, 15K)
Religion and Philosophy.docx (.docx, 15K)
Sport Management.docx (.docx, 16K)
Studio Art.docx (.docx, 13K)
Web Design.docx (.docx, 15K)
Wellness Program Management.docx (.docx, 15K)
Ashley Attold (.pdf, 97K)
Resume to apply for student teaching
Business Student (.pdf, 68K)
Business Graduate looking for work.
Graduate Student (.pdf, 66K)
Grad student who needs a part time job during grad school.
Summer Job (.pdf, 73K)
Current Student who needs a summer job.
IMAN Before (.pdf, 77K)
Education major example first draft.
IMAN After (.pdf, 43K)
Education major example after changes from first draft have been made.
Resume's: The Basics (.pdf, 155K)
Dress For Success: Women (.pdf, 153K)
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