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Our mission as the Academic Student Council is to help students succeed in their academics by providing the ways and means for them to succeed. We offer assistance for finding tutors, finding a quiet place to study, and making sure students know important academic dates. We also do various events throughout the year that promote academic success and help you de-stress during the semester. 

Tutor List as of 1/24/2019

Tutoring Locations Spring 19  
Sunday class time location
Bethany K PhysiolExerc 7:00 PM 25 Library
Lyrik Moffatt CollegeAlg 8:00 PM 25 Library
Natalie Harper Macroecon 8:00 PM Tut Room
Becca Hoerres FundCelB/Gen 8:00 PM 103 Resch
Natalie Harper Macroecon 9:00 PM TutoringRm
Monday class time location
Kyle Munoz Microecon 3:00 PM TutoringRm
Collon McClaran Ochem II 6:30 PM Ochem lab
Natalie Harper Microecon 7:00 PM TutoringRm
Allie Weston Physics II 7:00 PM 25 Library
Allie Weston Phys Science 8:00 PM 25 Library
Tuesday class time location
Ella Buckner Dev Psych 6:00 PM TutoringRm
Kayla Schaefer Nutrition 6:30 PM 25 Library
Bethany/Braydon IntroMovSc 7:00 PM TutoringRm
Gage/Liam Smith Motor Learn 7:30 PM 25 Library
Regan Jackson Microecon 8:00 PM TutoringRm
Wednesday class time location
Dakota Watson Math4DecMkg 8:30 PM Tut Room
Trib Adhikari Calculus II 8:30 PM 25 Library
Kyle Munoz Microecon 9:00 PM 15 Library
Thursday class time location
Becca Hoerres FundCellB/G 6:00 PM 103 Resch
Laurie Due NewTestam 7:00 PM 15 Library 
Bethany K PhysoflExerc 7:00 PM 25 Library
Braydon Mogg IntroMvSci 7:00 PM TutoringRm
Regan Jackson Microecon 8:00 PM TutoringRm
Lyrik Moffatt CollegeAlg 8:00 PM 25 Library

Did You Know?

Did you know that the library has Test Files for most of your classes? You can go to the library and request the test files for a class you are taking. You can use those test files to study for tests that you might have throughout the semester. 

Did You Know?

Did you know that Patroness Hall not only provides guidance on your academics, financial aid, and personal life, but ALSO provides career assistance? The CAP Center employs a group of talented people who will help you get internships and a job after school. In Patroness people can also help prepare you for your job search by providing tools and tips that will prepare you for your interviews. They even offer to do a mock interview with you to make sure that you know what to expect! In addition to that, the CAP Center also helps you build your resume from the ground up and makes sure that your resume is polished and ready to go. They give you essential tips and tricks to making connections and getting you a job. Visit the CAP Center for any help you made need in establishing a more successful career!


Having trouble with studying? Use this guide to learn some great tips on good study habits.

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Have you ever had any issues writing essay questions on an exam? Here are some ideas for you to follow when doing so.

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Do's and Don'ts of asking for a letter of recommendation.

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Tips for Writing the Graduate Admission Essay

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Tips and Tricks for an Interview

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