Tutoring:  We strive to provide as much support to help you navigate the rigors of academics. Therefore, group tutoring will be available as needed via Zoom and in some cases face-to-face. Please check your email for days, times, and the link to the Zoom meeting or location. If there is not a group tutoring session and you would like one, please contact Dr. Roger Powell at or If a tutor is available, and people attend the tutoring session, then additional group tutoring sessions will be set up. 


Group Tutoring Schedule Fall 2020:




7-8 pm College Algebra on Zoom

7-8 pm World Civilizations on Zoom

7-8 pm Macroeconomics on Zoom

8-9 pm Microeconomics on Zoom

8-9 pm Managerial Accounting on Zoom




7-8 pm Intro to Stats on Zoom

7-8 pm Music Theory on Zoom

8:30-9:30 Principles of Chemistry on Zoom

8-9 pm Spanish in Resch 103




9-10 pm Macroeconomics on Zoom




6:30-7:30 O-Chem in Resch 105

7-8 pm Discrete Math on Zoom 

7-8 pm Intro to Movement Science in Resch 106

7-8 pm Calculus I on Zoom

8-9 pm Nutrition on Zoom 

8-9 pm Physics on Zoom & Resch 105

8-9 pm Math Concepts I in Resch 104




4-5 pm Macroeconomics on Zoom

6-7 pm A&P in A&P Lab

6-7 pm Human Anatomy in Anatomy Lab