Graceland strives to provide support to navigate the rigors of academics. Group tutoring is available for all Graceland students and for as many courses as possible. Tutors are knowledgeable, trained peers, who have successfully taken the course they tutor. These sessions consist of reviewing course materials and providing extra help in a positive group setting. Please check your email for days, times, and location. If there is not a group tutoring session for a subject, and you need it, then please contact Dr. Roger Powell at It a tutor is available, then a session will be set up. Furthermore, we will be provided tutoring outside of regular hours this semester, which we will refer to as “Off-Schedule” tutoring. If a tutoring time does not work, contact Dr. Roger Powell, or your tutor to set up another time that is convenient for you and your tutor.   



11am-3pm Nursing Zoom Link in Email





7-8 pm Nursing Independence Campus on Zoom

7-8 pm Financial Accounting Library 115

8-9 pm Managerial Accounting Library 115




7-8 pm Intro to Kinesiology Resch 105

7-8 pm Math Concepts Resch 103

8-9 pm Nutrition Resch 105

8-9 pm Spanish Briggs 106




6-7 pm Discrete Math Resch 106

7-8 pm Motor Learning Resch 103

7-8 pm College Algebra Resch 106

8-9 pm Calculus I  Resch 104

9-10 pm Biomechanics Resch 103




7-8 pm Stats for Critical Thinking Resch 104

8-9 pm Stats for the Sciences Resch 104

8-9 pm Spanish Briggs 106

8-9 pm Human Anatomy Resch 002

O-chem will be held on Thursday nights as well, but the location and time are being scheduled. Look for an email about that next week!


Health and Wholeness Tutors are being hired, trained, and scheduled and will soon be available too.