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Raquel Moreira Publishes Article

Raquel Moreira published the article "Bicha travesti worldmaking: Linn da Quebrada's disidentificatory performances of intersectional queerness" in the peer-reviewed journal Queer Studies in Media & Popular Culture, Volume 4, Number 3. The article uses embodied translation to analyze the artistic performances of Black queer artist Linn da Quebrada. Moreira argues that Linn da Quebrada's disidentificatory performances concomitantly suggest a mode of survival and a vehicle for structural change, both of which deserve close consideration from scholars interested in queer transnational contexts. 

Tim Robbins presents at Modern Language Association 2020

Tim Robbins presented "The Poetics of a New Science: 'Song of Myself' as Sociology" at the MLA National Convention in Seattle, WA, this past weekend. The panel, "Reading Walt Whitman Anew,"  was organized to mark the recently published collection, The New Walt Whitman Studies. Robbins also participated in the intensive Digital Humanities ("DH") training workshop hosted by DHSI