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Clifford Presents at Renaissance Society of America Conference

Catherine Clifford presented her paper "Aces and Spaces: Illyria and the Magical Asexual" during a "Renaissance Asexualities: II" panel at the Renaissance Society of America conference, which was held remotely this year between April 13th and April 22nd. Clifford also chaired the sister panel, "Renaissance Asexualities: I", earlier in the conference. Clifford's work joins that of ten other scholars who presented on the two panels, imagining new ways of reading asexuality in early modern texts, an emerging subfield connected to early modern queer studies. 

Original Research Published

Dr. Jolene Lynn (Dean of the School of Nursing) and Dr. Peggy Ward-Smith (Faculty Associate in the School of Nursing) published their study "Teaching during COVID-19: Perceptions of Nursing Faculty" in the Journal of Nursing Education and Practice (2021) Vol 11, No. 6. p. 43-49.