Access for parents, spouses and other guests

Student's can grant access to anyone they want to be able to see their academic, billing, or financial aid information. Currently this uses an older website known as GUest Access. We are working to move this content into our new My Graceland site but this is not yet ready.
The link above works for anyone who has gotten a username and password for GUest Access. You cannot currently use this username and password to log into My Graceland. If you wish to have access, ask your student to set it up.

What is GUest Access?

Graceland University GUest Access allows students to set up their parents, spouses, and other guests to view their academic, financial aid, and student account information online. Students are free to give this access to anyone they wish and remove it at any time.
This access also gives Graceland permission to talk to the guest by phone or in person about information that is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Rights under FERPA.

I can’t see the information I’m interested in. How do I get more access?

Your student is in control of the type of information you can see. They can give you access to academic, financial aid, and student account information.

I forgot my GUest Access username or password. How do I get it?

Your GUest Access log in and the information you can see online using it is controlled by your student. If you have forgotten your GUest Access username or password, please talk to your student. Our staff is unable to look up or change your GUest Access username or password.

Can I combine GUest logins given to me by multiple students?

No. Each login gives you access to a single student. We regret the inconvenience this creates for guests of more than one student.

Does GUest Access give me access to My Graceland?

No. GUest Access is an older website. We are currently working to move this information into My Graceland but this effort will probably continue until a later date. At that point you will get a new login for My Graceland. At that point, a single login will give you information on all of your students and allow parents who are also alumni access to alumni services as well.