This section holds portlets shared among the resources (once known as campus services) pages. They are open to everyone if you know how to get here.
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Lamoni & Area Links

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Open Facebook group where people in the Lamoni area can meet up and exchange items.
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Import contacts into Outlook so they're available in MiCollab

First click on the "CSV" link in the upper right hand corner of the section below. This saves the directory as a comma delimited file. 

The follow the instructions on https://support.office.com/en-us/article/import-contacts-to-Outlook-bb796340-b58a-46c1-90c7-b549b8f3c5f8 to load the file as contacts into Outlook. 

Employee Top Links

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Employees set up to use Cognos Reports can log in using this link.

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Employees set up to use Document Management system can log in using this link.
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HR has a large collection of information about your employee benefits here.
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The main website holds a large section of faculty resources.
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HR has gathered various forms that employees fill out into one place.
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HR has a calendar of the Holiday Schedule for regular Lamoni and Independence employees.
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Enter your time sheet.
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Documentation on our phone system.
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outlook.office.com is the O365 website if you prefer to save that link as a bookmark in your browser. 

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The Graceland Innovation Committee is always looking for suggestions to improve Graceland. 

My Graceland

Need help finding things in My Graceland?

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Your student schedule page has a link to the Follett bookstore where you can find all your textbooks for the semester including prices and ISBN numbers.

Lamoni Campus Students

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View your G bUck$ account online or add points.
Buy and Rent textbooks from the Follett Bookstore in the MSC.
The Graceland University Shuttle Service is designed to provide efficient, low-cost transportation for our students as they fly in and out of Kansas City International and Des Moines International Airports.
Graceland's student newspaper

Channel Lineup for cable on the Graceland Campus.