What browsers can you use with My Graceland?

What browsers can you use with My Graceland? Hopefully any. But our vendor, Jenzabar, only supports the use of a limited set. That doesn't mean other browsers won't work, simply that the vendor hasn't tested it and won't support it if it doesn't work correctly. I haven't seen any browser that doesn't work to display pages. But we have had some issues with online tests and forum entries.
As of 9/4/2012 the vendor regularly tests with

Firefox (current stable version on Windows)
Internet Explorer (current stable version on Windows)
Google Chrome (current stable version on Windows)
Safari (current stable version on Mac)


Issues with Chrome - 11/4/2011

We’ve recently heard from students that when they submitted their online exam it blanked out all their answers. This appears to be limited to student using the popular Chrome browser. Please do NOT use Chrome when working on online assignments.
Jenzabar, our vendor for My Graceland, is aware of this issue. They do not currently support Chrome. I regularly view My Graceland in Chrome and have not seen a problem. However I don’t take online tests!
If you have any problems in Chrome, your first step should be to try it in another browser.