We’re replacing the core network switch Thursday March 3rd, 2016 starting at 5:00 pm. This is the Thursday of Lamoni Spring Break. We’ve scheduled this after hours on Spring Break to have the least possible impact. We’ll need employees on both campuses to stop doing normal work right at 5pm. Services will be affected for about 8 hours although not everything will be down the entire time. Lamoni campus will have the largest impact, but both campuses will have issues.  


Students are allowed to stay on campus over Spring Break, so please don’t assume that there are no issues for Lamoni students.


The following services are affected and will be unavailable for part or all of the downtime. Items in blue have an impact in Independence.

  • Internet and network access for students, employees, Ricoh, Follett, Sodexo, FHC, etc. on Lamoni campus
  • Lamoni campus Wi-Fi
  • Uniface, CX Menu, “CARS”, Document Imaging, etc. on either campus
  • Incoming toll-free calls for both campuses
  • Won’t be able to change who can unlock a door via ID card (even if that change normally happens automatically)
  • Credit card processing for Sodexo (as they use our network) They will be closed during the outage (closed at 1:30pm)
  • Sodexo’s server (we think this will take down their cash register but are unsure) They will be closed
  • EZ-Proxy (Library database access) for any one on or off campus
  • Access to network drives (I:, P:, H:, etc.)
  • Access to change network passwords
  • Lamoni campus phones - you will not be able to receive calls or call any number including 5199 and 911
  • Voicemail and phone trees on both campuses (a limited number of messages will get to voicemail in Independence)
  • Printing on Lamoni Campus
  • Honeywell monitoring
  •, Cognos, WebWorKs (Math classes),, and other locally hosted web services (on campus or off)
  • KNSL Iowa Public Radio station (minor outage – could schedule at a specific and different time)
  • HBO will briefly be unavailable (minor outage – could schedule at a specific and different time)
  • Briggs Mediacom connection  (minor outage – could schedule at a specific and different time)
  • Web forms including some on the public website. The student application ( will be down
  • Digital signage
  • EMS or VEMS room scheduling


Not Affected

  • Cable TV
  • ATMs in the MSC
  • Credit card processing for Follett (as they use their own connection) we have a bit of doubt so Marcia Core is checking
  • Credit card processing at the Coliseum (as they are direct to GRM) we have a bit of doubt, but believe this will work
  • Wi-Fi in the BAC and residential houses (as they use GRM or Mediacom)
  • CHCSI Clinic internet access
  • Will be able to use ID cards to unlock doors
  • Access to email from off of Lamoni campus
  • Independence phones calls (except for incoming toll free)
  • Independence internet access
  • Independence Wi-Fi
  • Printing in Independence
  • from off Lamoni campus
  • the Online Student payments (including Deposits and App fees), VPA ticket purchasing and Development gift forms from off Lamoni campus.