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The first time you log in, you will need to log into My Graceland to find your initial password.
Other options will be available in the future, but we currently recommend that everyone either check their Sting email regularly or do this simple setup to forward their email to their work account.
Click on the bottom right hand corner of the PowerPoint to fill the whole page.

You may not be getting emails that students are sending you. Please take some time to read this full message.

Graceland has provided all employees from faculty associates to the President with a personal Sting Account that is identical to the students' new accounts. It provides great email and cloud storage for our own personal use. We will also be providing accounts for work use, but these are not ready yet. (There's a lot of work to do due to the fact that our email addresses will not be changing.)
Students using their new email see both the correct work account (you@graceland.edu) and your personal account (you@sting.graceland.edu) when they send an email. Many of them are sending email to your personal account. This means you may have important email in an account you didn't know you had!
You should log in and check your account. Instructions on logging in are available above.
Then you should either check your email regularly or set up a rule to automatically forward your Sting email to your normal account. This is simple to do and well worth your time. There will be other options in the future, but in order to ensure you see all your important emails I suggest that everyone do one of these two options (check regularly or forward) as soon as possible. The instructions to forward your Sting email are also above.
 I've talked about employee Sting Accounts at both the Plenary and the Faculty meeting, so hopefully most of us have heard about this already. If you're hearing about this for the first time, this is a poor introduction to the topic. You can view the PowerPoint I presented at the plenary for more information.
I expect that we will have several pain points with the email conversion. Please remember that the end result is a better service with amazing capacity at a substantial cost savings to the University.
Jim Collins
Director of Information Technology Services