Graceland uses Cognos to provide reports and information to employees and students. It powers a number of pages inside My Graceland but is a separate system from My Graceland. That is why you have to enter your password a second time to run these reports. From time to time Congos will be down while My Graceland is up.
To help people understand what is driven by Congos we've branded Cognos reports with the following graphic:  or
Cognos is a product made by IBM and is a substantial Business Intelligence tool. Our licenses allow us to present live reports to students and employees but not to other users like parents, prospective students and alumni.
Click Here to troubleshoot

If Cognos is returning blank reports, it's likely an issue from cache. You'll need to follow a few steps to fix this issue and then you'll be up and running again.

  1. Open the test report here (don't worry it will be blank, because you haven't fixed it yet!)
  2. Refresh your browser's cache.*
  3. Go back to your Cognos report and try again- it should work now
  4. If it doesn't please contact IT
*Don't know how to refresh your browser's cache? No problem! Go here on Wikipedia to find out what you need to do for your Browser and Operating System.