What Happened to Advise?

You've followed a link that goes to Advise. Advise has been replaced by a new web site called My Graceland.
My Graceland is a single place to get all of your information whether you are a student, faculty member, alumni or employee.
My Graceland contains all the content from Advise as well as Web Time Entry, Budget Review, the Alumni Online Community and other pages that once required a separate log in.
Please replace any bookmarks or favorites you may have with links to my.graceland.edu.

The Faculty Tab

You are in My Graceland right now, but you cannot get to much information before logging in. Once you log in, employees who work with student information will have a Faculty tab  in the page header. Faculty come here to enter grades and indicate at-risk students. Advisors come here to register their students and get degree audits. Other employees may come here to view student information. This tab contains all the information that was once found in Advise.

The Employment Tab

The Employement tab is your link to Human Resources. It includes everything from time entry to benefit information.

The Resources Tab

The resources tab contains content from Graceland's many offices, divisions and schools. Because the site knows who you are after you log in, the front page of this tab will show the "top links" for employees like you.

The Help Tab

The Help Tab contains help documents for using the My Graceland website including a quick description of the other tabs available to you.