Do You Get "File Cannot be Accessed" when you try to open Word, Excel and other Microsoft Office Files from My Graceland?

Page added 12/7/2012 (but the issue has existed for a while).
Do you have a problem downloading Office files from My Graceland when using Internet Explorer? If you get the message "This file can not be accessed" either when you download and open an Office file or when you enable it for editing or printing, this is the fix.
  • One option is to use Firefox, Chrome or Safari. This problem only happens in Internet Explorer.
  • A second option is to follow these steps. You will only need to do this once on a computer.
These instructions were made for IE 9 on 12/7/2012
1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Press the “alt” key to show the menu bar
3. Click 'Tools' on the Menu bar
4. Click 'Internet Options' (it's the bottom item on the 'Tools' menu)
5. Click the 'Security' tab
6. Click the 'Trusted sites' Icon
7. Click on the ‘Sites’ button
8. Uncheck the box by “Require server verification…” if it is checked. It’s at the bottom.
9. In the 'Add this website to the zone:' box type * (that is all you should type) and click the 'Add' button
10. Click the 'Close' button to close the window and return to the security settings window
11. Close Internet Explorer and reopen it to get the new settings.



When you open this file, it should have text and a graphic in it. People with the problem see only “ This file can not be accessed.”
(.docx, 28K)